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Silk is a natural fiber discovered in China 5000 years ago and whose manufacturing secret was well kept for several millennia. Arrived in the West by the Silk Road, it first became a subject popular with kings and their courts before being democratized. The production of silk fiber is a real skill, resulting from a close symbiosis between nature and man. Even today, silk is considered a noble and refined material because it remains produced in small quantities.


It is during our sleep that our organism regenerates, a silk pillowcase is then the natural ally of your beauty because it offers the optimal conditions for a rested skin and silky hair.



Silk does not absorb the skincare you apply to the skin unlike other fibers such as cotton or linen.


With age, the marks and folds left by a classic pillowcase can take longer to fade or even settle if they are recurrent. Silk avoids these inconveniences because it has the distinction of being extremely smooth, the skin slides on the fabric.



Silk offers an unforgettable sensory experience. It is ideal for sensitive skin and even the most delicate of which those of babies because it avoids any irritation which can harm the health of the skin.



Silk is a fiber that naturally regulates temperature, that is, it is as suitable in summer as in winter. The contact of the skin with this silky material soothes the mind for a better quality of sleep.


The silk satin, by its dense and tight weaving brings an extremely silky touch which does not dehydrate the skin so that it preserves all its natural hydrolipidic film.


Silk is made up of amino acids, these are the building blocks of silk protein, which is also found as an active ingredient in beauty treatments and which prevents the appearance of wrinkles and promotes skin regeneration.


Reducing friction with a silky pillowcase helps preserve the hair fiber, avoids frizz, forks and knots.


Due to its structure, silk retains very little impurities compared to other materials such as cotton. The skin and the hair therefore rest on a more hygienic surface, therefore fewer skin problems and more spaced shampoos.



When selecting silk, it was essential for us to be certain that no chemical harmful to the environment, for those who cultivate it and for consumers would hide behind a home/night item with which we are in contact more than 30% of our lives. For example, fine chemical particles are still too present in certain dyeing processes in the textile industry and insidiously interfere in the daily life of each actor in the sector and even to the consumer.


The silk of MYSILKIN pillowcases and masks proudly displays the GOTS certification, the most demanding label in the world in terms of organic textiles. Unlike some self-proclaimed labels which are not subject to controls, the GOTS label is granted by an external body which follows strict criterias in terms of environmental and social respect.

A requirement that is found through traceability throughout the production process to consumers: from planting and growing mulberry trees, raising silkworms, spinning, weaving, dyeing and confection.


Click here if you want to know more about the GOTS label

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