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"My SIlkin was born from a mission: To make you discover the multiple yet relatively unknown virtues of a silk pillowcase and bring you a safe organic alternative."


We spend a third of our lives sleeping, the more reason to question the relevance of our bed linen and explore new horizons to take sleep comfort to a higher level. L Silk offers a unique sensory experience but also the best conditions for a rested skin and silky hair.


My Silkin is a window open to the world : we carefully select silk in China, the millennial cradle of this rare material and design all our items in France in a workshop where savoir-faire is precious.


Favoring eco-responsible approaches, supporting local savoir-faire and offering the best for your skin and hair, that is the essence of the My Silkin approach, whose articles could only be organic and, moreover, GOTS certified: this silk is the fruit of exceptional work.



Franco-Chinese equally attached to these two cultures, Amandine lived between Paris and Shanghai. Among its precious moments, we find yoga, meditation, beauty rituals [...]


Behind My Silkin, there is a passion for the largest organ in the body. Amandine is convinced that the quality of the skin is the reflection of so many factors all interdependent on each other: our emotions, our diet, our environment, the products we apply and especially our sleep. "Watching and listening to what the skin tells us is fascinating."


My Silkin was born in 2019 from a sweet buried memory, such a pleasant feeling of silk bed linen in contact with the skin but above all from an observation: the majority of people sleep on cotton pillowcases because it is the most widespread and affordable material. On the other hand, silk is relatively rare, acquiring a silk pillowcase is not easy and even less, for those who consider that a purchase is not a trivial act and require that title, articles that respect the environment and people.

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